Google Merchant Centre Account in Australia

How to Set Up a Great Google Merchant Centre Account in Australia

Businesses in Australia have also been caught up with E-commerce fever. It means that you anyone doing business in Australia will rip more if they use the e-commerce platform to sell their products. You’re free to use any of the e-commerce providers to create your website. But Shopify provides the best opportunity for you. It is easier to create and manage. Also, it comes with an App that makes your customer’s shopping experience enjoyable. But to enjoy full services, it is necessary that you set up a Merchant Centre account. Here is the process of setting up the account.

The first thing you need to do is to sign up a Google account. If you have a Gmail account that is fine all you need to do is to sign in and get started. Create the merchant account and select your location. You will need to agree to terms of service and provide your business detail information. The information can be found in the navigation panel of the account.

Adding business information

Google utilizes the information you provide to submit the display to the traffic that views the product online. So when submitting the business display name, ensure that you adhere to Google’s guidelines concerning names. Ensure that the URL includes the full business name as well. Also, provide the companies physical address including the business headquarters as per the registration.

Other information you need to add


  • Primary users

They are the people that will use the Merchant Centre account. It includes those who will receive emails or notification about the account activity.

Essential parts of the Google Merchant Centre

Standard- it allows users to sign into the account and access everything. But such users may not access the order and payment tab, Merchant Centre programs, and the Users tab.

The admin – they enjoy all the privileges of standard users, but they have additional abilities such as editing, deleting and ability to access to programs at the Merchant Centre. They can disable or enable the programs.

Email contacts- they are users that cannot access the account but may choose to receive notifications.

  • Secondary users

Google Customer Review- it helps to restrict customer reviews. Any customer who is assigned Google customer review role cannot access the merchant Centre part.

Payment managers- are users that manage the payment settings. They take care of the tax information can grant payment, bank account setting and many more.

Payment analyst – they can access payments statements.